Research & Development

Research and development department of Paris Industrial Group has a highly qualified research and development team consisting of experienced and professional experts in food industry researches and is currently active on below fields:

  • Developing of new products adapted to consumer needs
  • Developing and optimizing new technologies in food processin
  • Evaluation and improvement of production methods to produce healthy and high quality product
  • Identifying and selecting the best raw material sources in order to continuously improve products quality
  • Improving production methods to maintain nutritional value and provide safe products for consumers
  • Presentation of scientific papers in national and international conferences and journals
  • Developing new formulations containing Paris potato flakes in order to present complete solution for the industries using potato flakes as an ingredient
  • Developing new methods to decrease production wastes and to increase energy efficiency of the plant

Behengam Avaran Faragir Distribution Company

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Paris Company

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