Company Introduction

Considering the country's need to transform industries and to make full use of domestic agricultural industries potential. Job creation and efficient use of human resources, Paris, Esfahan company LTD was founded in 1999 and with construction of a factory in the "Mobarakeh" industrial area in 2002, started it's activity in production of frozen vegetable and potato and has its first production on the marked by April 2002.

At the moment this company's products include frozen french fries, potato flakes, frozen onion, frozen sweet corn, frozen carrot, frozen peas, frozen green peas, frozen mushroom and frozen fried pumpkin and frozen fried aborigine but in the near future and whit new development plants the variety of the products is going to increase. The production lines of this company have been equipped with BMA technology, which is a Dutch company and is the producer of the most advanced machinery in potato products field, so the standard and quality of the products are guaranteed.

At the moment Paris Agro-Food company has managed to get the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 2200:2015 from SGS so that its products will not only be presented in domestic markets but also in international markets.

This company with nominal capacity of 2000 kg half fries frozen potato sticks per hour 450 kg of potato flakes per hour,not only helps the agricultural industry but it has also created 180 new job opportunities. All of these products get quick frozen by (IQF) method so that their cellular tissue and shape stays intact after refreezing.

Behengam Avaran Faragir Distribution Company

Address: Kilometers 10 Special Karaj Roads, Alley 23, Tehran, Iran

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Paris Company

Address: No. 1, Fifth St., Second Phase, Mobarakeh Industrial Town, Isfahan, Iran

Telephone: +9831-52373067-9

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Postal Code: 84861-34811