Frozen French Fries

Potato is a plant from (Solanum Tuberosum) family which is one of the main ingredients of mankind's diet all over the world. After corn it is the second most used plant in the world. Almost 34% of world's potato production is done in developing countries (mainly in Asia).

It has originated from South American mountains and it was first discovered by Spanish and ever since has been considered as one of the main nourishing products of mankind.

A big section of potato production is used for making crisps half fried frozen French fries, Potato flakes and similar production probably because of its high calorie in many countries Potato has been used as one of the main human energy resources.

Potato's Protein has high biological and qualitative values. Human body is unable to producing 8 or 9 kinds of Amino Acids, that these Acids can be provided by potato's protein.

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